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Mao is probably the number one mass murderer of all-time, he killed an estimated 30-50 million people during his various purges.

(CNSNews.com) – The recent furor over a Mao Zedong quote appearing on a U.S. government website for children reflects American insularity and intolerance, a Chinese newspaper opined this week.

In a belated response to the controversy, the Communist Party-affiliated Global Times said in an editorial that the episode sends a message about free speech in the United States.

“The U.S., which prides itself in freedom of speech, can’t even tolerate a quote from Mao,” it said. “It shows how narrow-minded the American political system is in the face of the diversity of global culture.”

Global Times argued that it would cause no controversy in China if Chinese media were to carry a quote by an American leader – “or even Douglas MacArthur, an anti-communist general.” (Forces under the command of MacArthur and Mao faced off during the Korean War 50 years ago.)

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