“Professional activist” being a fancy title for someone too lazy to work.

Via Daily Mail:

Midway through a National Organization protest in front of the US Supreme Court building, punches flew. One, which landed on the face of a marcher, was thrown by gay marriage advocate Sergei Kostin, a former Occupy DC member whom a source in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department described as a ‘professional activist.’

The other was a gut-punch that Kostin told MailOnline provoked him – one that no one else saw. If that punch flew, one observer countered, however, it’s not clear how hard it could have been.

But if the swinging fists were half-imagined, the ideological confrontation on Tuesday was genuine. Both sides of the debate were out in force, with Christian opponents easily outnumbering advocates for gay marriage.

Inside, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that could determine whether the federal government or the 50 states will decide what a marriage is.

Yahoo! Newsreported that the cast of characters included a drag queen in a rainbow tutu and devil horns, cross-carrying Christians who knelt in prayer, and a host of other activists.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) marchers ‘were met by another small group of people that had stretched out a rainbow flag in front of them,’ according to Yahoo.

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