We already knew this was coming.

Via Daily Caller:

Democrats are defending President Barack Obama’s provocative March 18 pick to head the Department of Labor, Tom Perez, by highlighting his Hispanic heritage.

“This morning: RNC autopsy warned GOP to improve Hispanic outreach. This afternoon: Senate Rs fight Hispanic nominee,” said a tweet from Sen. Harry Reid’s digital media advisor, Faiz Shakir.

Brad Woodhouse, the spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, broadcast a tweet from teachers’ union leader, saying “This is why GOP does so poorly with Latinos. Perez deserves better.”

That tweet was linked to a Washington Post opinion column by a progressive blogger, Greg Sargent.

“Conservatives are already signaling that they are going to tee off Perez’s record to go the lurid and racially charged route … That will create a tricky balancing act for those Republicans who agree with the RNC’s diagnosis of the need to repair relations with Latinos,” said the Post, titled “Attacks on Thomas Perez will do wonders for GOP Latino outreach.”

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