Via Fox News:

DEVELOPING:  An explosion at a military ammunition storage facility in Nevada during a Marine Corps training exercise caused several fatalities, officials said early Tuesday.

Several Marines were killed in the Monday night explosion at the Hawthorne Army Depot, sources told Fox News. Russ Collier, an official at the facility, told KRNV-TV that the explosion was an accident unrelated to the ammunition that is stored at the military facility near the small desert community of Hawthorne.

The 147,000-acre depot, established in 1930, is about 140 miles southeast of Reno. The facility stores and disposes of ammunition, and provides long-term storage for industrial plant equipment. It is comprised of nearly 3,000 buildings — including igloos, supply warehouses and munitions sheds spread — over more than 230 square miles.

The facility had an operating budget of $270,000 and a payroll of $2.88 million in fiscal year 2009, according to its website.