Not only did Lindsey Graham throw Rand Paul under the bus for having the temerity to defend the Constitution, Graham compounded that mistake.

Paul’s filibuster was holding off John Brennan’s confirmation hearing for head of the CIA. Graham had sworn to hold up nominations, such as Brennan’s, until he got answers on Benghazi, the scandal that the administration keeps hoping will go away.

Graham then backed off of that, but indicated he would be voting against John Brennan because he was still not satisfied.

Then Paul staged the filibuster.   Thereafter, Graham’s position appeared to change once again. Via CBS Local:

Graham said he had planned to vote against Brennan’s nomination but now plans to support the nominee because the confirmation fight has become a referendum on the drone program.

Talk about “wacko birds” (the term John McCain generously ascribed to Rand Paul and the filibuster team) – what happened to finding out the answers to the scandal of Benghazi, Mr. Graham?

With decisive “leaders” like Lindsey Graham, it is no wonder that President Obama feels he has a free walk all over the backs of Republicans and the rights of the people.