Still not stopping her victory lap, today she spikes the football in a WSJ op-ed.

Via Weekly Standard:

First Lady Michelle Obama is continuing her road trip celebrating the 3rd anniversary of her “Let’s Move” initiative, appearing on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts on Tuesday and at an event with Rachael Ray on Wednesday. The initial press release last week gave “Let’s Move” credit for halting and even reversing the childhood obesity trend of the last thirty years, though the White House did not provide data to back up its claim. Now, a new White House press release links to a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report to bolster its claims, but a closer look at the report casts further doubt.

The 13 percent decrease that Mrs. Obama touted is measured from Spring 2005 through Spring 2011. “Let’s Move” was launched in February 2010, so the first five years of the time period in question were prior to Let’s Move’s existence.  The time period for New York City is similar, but the Philadelphia and California figures only extend through 2010, ending just as “Let’s Move” got moving.

While the Robert Wood Johnson report demonstrates progress has been made in the struggle against childhood obesity, there’s no proof yet that “Let’s Move” has played a role, and the report does not mention the program.

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