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Via Mediaite:

During a debate on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s “nannying” public health policies, Fox liberal contributor Tamara Holder said that “most Republicans are fat asses,” and lamented how “fat Republicans who drive through Wal-Mart in their buggies” are partially responsible for the increased healthcare costs that she believes made ObamaCare necessary.

After introducing the fact that Bloomberg would like to take his ban on large sugary beverages to the statewide level, Hannity took a big — as Holder called it: “disgusting” — bite from a glazed donut. Holder then tried to explain a possible rationale for Bloomberg’s food laws:

“You know why? All Republicans, or most Republicans, are fat asses and get stuck eating these things,” she said.

“You’re calling me a fat ass?” Hannity asked. “I’ve been called a yellow journalist, immoral, a liar, and now a fat ass. What a night is this?” he joked. […]

“Why do we have ObamaCare? Because the fat Republicans who drive through Wal-Mart in their buggies,” Holder explained.

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