Classy guy, ‘eh?

Via Mental Recession:

Hudson city Alderman, Dave Marston, has found himself in a bit of hot water after an e-mail exchange that saw him refer to Second Amendment supporters as “gun-toting Tea Party psychotards”, implying that all gun supporters are “unemployed”, threatened to “beat you barbarians back”, and tosses in a Nazi reference for good measure.

Apparently Mr. Marston didn’t get his party’s memo concerning the “new tone” in politics.

The controversy began over a meeting scheduled this evening in the city of Hudson in which Marston serves. The Hudson Common Council is set to discuss a possible all-out gun ban on city owned property, even for citizens with valid pistol permits. A similar ban in Washington, D.C., effective in 1976, was struck down in 2008 by the Supreme Court, with the majority opinion citing that the Constitution provides an individual right to bear arms.

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