I believe our own Nickarama was the first to break this story.

Via Fox News:

Republican Rep. Steve Stockman on Tuesday pressed President Obama and his de facto campaign arm, Organizing for Action, for more information on White House gun-control efforts, amid new allegations that Obama supporters are flooding congressional Twitter accounts with “phony” and “fraudulent” anti-gun messages.

The Texas congressman said he sent letters to both the White House and OFA after learning Monday that he and 15 other Capitol Hill lawmakers had received computer-generated tweets that included the #WeDemandAVote hashtag — which Obama encouraged supporters to use.

“I am deeply troubled by this week’s revelation supporters of President Obama’s anti-gun campaign employed ‘spambots’ to send fake Twitter messages to members of Congress intending to create the false appearance of grassroots support,” he wrote.

Two other Republican lawmakers — Michael Grimm, of New York, and Adam Kinzinger, of Illinois — also appeared to receive similar messages that may be linked to former Obama digital strategist Brad Schenck.

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