But he did have time to talk to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsy for the umpteenth time. Worth noting Morsy¬†is trying to secure the release of the cleric behind the attacks, the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

Via ABC News:

Edward Smith remembers vividly the call from the morgue 20 years ago today, that his pregnant wife had died in the World Trade Center bombing hours before she was supposed to start her maternity leave.

“It seems like kind of yesterday sometimes,” he told ABC News, “but it seems like a long time ago, too.”

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the 1993 WTC bombing, which was¬†overshadowed eight years later by the 9/11 attacks. Six people died and about 1,000 were injured after terrorists detonated a truck bomb in the parking garage of the World Trade Center’s North Tower Feb. 26, 1993.

Four of the six killed — Robert Kirkpatrick, 61, Stephen A. Knapp, 47, William Macko, 57, and Monica Rodriguez Smith, 35 — were employees of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owned the buildings. John DiGiovanni, 45, a dental-supply salesman visiting the World Trade Center, and Wilfredo Mercado, 37, a purchasing agent for Windows on the World restaurant, also died.

To commemorate the event, ABC News spoke with several people affected by the bombing — a widower, a former Port Authority executive director, a plaintiff’s attorney and a jury foreman — to illustrate how the bombing resonates 20 years later.

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