Because the rest of the world totally has America’s best interests in mind.

( – John Kerry says his experience as the son of a Foreign Service officer — living abroad in various cities in his formative years — is helping him now that he’s secretary of state.

He indicated that he thinks of himself “not just” as a U.S. citizen, but as a “citizen of the world.”

As a child, “I learned a lot about the dislocations, the packing up, the moving, saying goodbye to friends, meeting new friends, being in a foreign country,” Kerry told the U.S. Embassy-London staff on Monday.

“And that experience, I’ll tell you, truly, is one that just lasts with you forever. I think back on the – such sense of independence that I gained and the confidence about meeting people in another country, seeing another culture, learning another language, and seeing the rest of the world.

“And in the end, we are not just – though we are proudly citizens of the United States of America, we are also citizens of the world.”

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