President Obama and his social media arm through “Organizing For Action” started a twitter hash tag campaign, #WeDemandAVote, attempting to influence the public and specifically Congressional representatives to pass Obama’s gun control initiatives.

Unlike Conservative hash tag campaigns, there was a problem with this campaign, as twitterers @DefendWallSt, @AsherahReseach and @LilMissRightie soon discovered.

It became clear that many of the avatars of these “people” agitating against “gun violence” were “egg” avatars. Upon further further examination, @DefendWallSt determined that most were new accounts, created within the last few days, ┬áspamming the same couple of messages to representatives across the country.

There was even one who apparently couldn’t get it right, missing including the name of the representative.

While some of the spam bots are being reported, they are still continuing with their action today. See at #WeDemandAVote

How pitiful is your campaign when you have to pay for spam bots? Mr. President? OFA?

Sort of shows that they don’t have enough people supporting these “intiatives”.

Hopefully, the representatives who are being spammed are smart enough to know what is going on.

But if not, feel free to let them hear from real people.