So they think Bloods and Crips would give up their gang life for a job at McDonald’s?

Via Washington Examiner:

President Obama’s favorite think tank, the Center for American Progress, has a new ingenious plan to lower gun deaths in Chicago: raise the minimum wage. CAP’s Think Progress blog highlights a new Stand Up! Chicago report which found:

Decades of research have demonstrated that there is a statistically significant link between low wages, income inequality and crime. Researchers have found that the majority of increases in violent crime can be explained by downward wage trends, and The National Bureau of Economic Research reports that a twenty percent drop in wages leads to a 12 to 18 percent increase in youth crime. Other analysis shows that a 1 percent point increase in the Gini index (a measure of wealth inequality) produces, on average, a 3.6 percent increase in the homicide rates for a population. […]

It may be possible to help reduce gun violence in Chicago — a city that saw over 500 homicides last year — in one simple step: Raising the minimum wage.

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