Any other theft, the criminals would be in jail.

Via Journal Sentinel:

A former teacher in Greenwood who had $750 deducted from her pay for union dues, even after she declined to join after the passage of Act 10, has won the money back after filing complaints against the union and her former employer.

Amy Ayana filed complaints last fall with the Wisconsin Employee Relations Commission with help from lawyers at National Right to Work Foundation. The foundation announced on Thursday that the complaints had been settled.

According to  the foundation, when Ayana was hired in August, she told officials she did not want to join the local teachers union. Greenwood Education Association officials twice told Ayana she had to join the union, in September and December. ASpanish teacher, Ayana resigned in 2012 at the end of the school year.

District officials told Wisconsin Reporter that  because Greenwood had signed an extension of its contract before the passage of Act 10, it had to honor the requirement of automatically deducting union dues from Ayana’s paychecks.

Greenwood is located in Clark County, between Wausua and Eau Claire.