“Forming your own production company” = what will I say I’m doing now that CNN wants to boot me as an anchor.  Guess being a craven advocate for Obama doesn’t save you from getting the ax.

Via Newsmax:

Soledad O’Brien is ending her morning-show contract with CNN and is moving on to form her own documentary production company that will supply the network with programming on a nonexclusive basis.

O’Brien’s departure has been coming for some time. Even before president Jeff Zucker took over in January, he said he planned to cancel O’Brien’s program, “Starting Point.”

CNN hasn’t formally announced the details for a new morning show to replace O’Brien’s.

Zucker has already said, though, that the show will be co-hosted by Chris Cuomo, who recently left ABC, and many network sources believe CNN prime-time host Erin Burnett will join him.

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