She says it like it’s a bad thing.

Via WFB:

DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: Well, everything is — everything would be delayed. You’ll have massive cuts to education, health care research, research grants that won’t get funded. I mean, the decisions that we make now, letting the sequester kick in, have short-term effects that affect people’s daily lives, but they also have significant long-term effects. If a university isn’t able to hire a researcher or — because the grant doesn’t come through — that researcher never does ground breaking work that could save thousands of lives later on down the road. I mean, this is dramatically irresponsible. It’s irresponsible for our economy and the impact on it. It’s irresponsible to, in terms of the impact it would leave on the middle class and working families. The only ones who get protected are the wealthiest, most fortunate americans. But that appears to be the Republicans’ goal. And it’s just baffling. How could they possibly continue to only care about people who are already doing really well who are the only ones that would be shielded from the impact of sequester cuts?