Because who can afford $9 month for birth control pills?

How does Fluke and Planned Parenthood rationalize wanting to see the trampling of religious liberties so they don’t have to pay a measly $9 month (and that’s without insurance)?

From the Planned Parenthood website:

Dear supporter,

People like you and me aren’t so easy to keep quiet — and that’s why we’re finally going to win this fight.

One year ago, I prepared to testify before Congress about the critical role affordable birth control plays as part of essential health care for millions of women.

Instead, I was shut out by legislators who had no interest in hearing about how birth control matters to women who suffer from ovarian cysts, women who survive sexual assault, women who want to plan their families and their futures.

Who spoke in my place? A Catholic bishop and the president of East Texas Baptist University — along with eight other witnesses who all refused to acknowledge the reality that for millions of women, birth control is basic health care. And I was smeared by pundits, shock jocks like Rush Limbaugh, and shameless political operatives who wanted me and the millions of women speaking out to just go away. [martyr complex? -ed.]

Well, we’re still here. They’re still wrong. And this is still a fight.

Right now we have a chance to win this fight — to finally secure affordable birth control once and for all. The deadline for public comments on the president’s plan is coming up soon — join me in speaking out for accessible and affordable birth control for women.

President Obama’s plan strikes the right balance. It guarantees that women will be able to get birth control without a co-pay, while ensuring that the rights of religious organizations are respected. Despite the president’s accommodation of religious organizations, powerful voices are still fighting to take this basic health care away from women.

I’m proud to stand with Planned Parenthood and President Obama as we work to expand access to affordable birth control. And I’m proud to stand with millions of women and men — including you — who are fighting for women’s health every single day.


Sandra Fluke