And it’s not just me who’s a rabid racist (because aren’t all racists in an interracial marriage with two interracial kids?), the commenters here are also singled out for shame by Wonkette’s Rebecca Schoenkopf.

Via Wonkette:

Do you know who Yahoo! commenters love? Hint: It is Michelle Obama! They love her very, very much, and when they call her “Moocow” and “Squatch” and “Sasquatch” and “Mooch” and “Silver-Backed Gorilla,” it is not because of racisms but is more like a … well, okay, maybe it is a LITTLE bit racist.

Also, because the Yahoo! and also WeaselZippers and also Breitbart and also all-of-them commenters love Michelle Obama so much, please do not tell them about how she has a new official portrait, as this will doubtless send them into a frenzied elation of lurve from which it would be well nigh impossible for them to alight!