Via Newsbusters:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Is Barack Obama going for it? Is he set on becoming one of the great presidents in history? I’m not talking about Mount Rushmore but perhaps the level right below it. I’m talking, to use his word, transformational. And is he using the country’s historic demographic shift to do it? Can he combine the new American power of Hispanics and other minorities with the immediate aspirations of women to lob himself into the highest level of presidential greatness? Can he bring on an era of Democratic, even liberal dominance, for years to come? This is what his adversaries fear. They look at his working of the gun safety crusade, his positioning on immigration reform, his distancing himself from the triumphing over– even triumphing over the hard often bizarre right wing of this country to do it. […]

If he were hearing us talking about him maybe mounting Mount Rushmore, getting up there with the great presidents, secretly, not what he would say to other people, what would he be thinking? That’s exactly what I’m doing?