Because who knows what Coloradans need more than Joe Biden?

DENVER — The Colorado House gave preliminary approval to four gun-control bills after a marathon floor debate and some arm-twisting by Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

Mr. Biden, who was vacationing Friday in Aspen, called a handful of Democratic legislators from swing districts to urge them to support the proposals, which included universal background checks for gun transfers and a 15-round limit on ammunition magazines.

“I was totally surprised,” Democratic state Rep. Tony Exum of Colorado Springs told Fox affiliate KDVR-TV. “He [Mr. Biden] just said he’s watching us and asked if we had a chance to move these bills forward and said what an important signal it would send to the country if we do.”

The legislature approved the four measures Friday on voice votes after more than 12 hours of debate, which featured emotional testimony from Democrats about the need to prevent mass shootings such as the Aurora theater massacre in July.

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