Via Breitbart:

The statement of support and solidarity was posted on the Occupy Los Angeles’ official Facebook page Wednesday. The statement came in the form of a posted picture captioned with the phrases “Rest In Power Chris Dorner” and “Assassinated By The Police for Trying To Expose LAPD Corruption.”

The Occupy Los Angeles page has nearly 56,000 likes and supporters. At the time of this article’s posting, nearly 900 Occupy Supporters “Liked” the expression of support for the cop-killer, and nearly 400 users reposted the image to their own Facebook accounts.

Many of the nearly 400 comments left by Occupy Los Angeles followers expressed support, with some going as far as saying “Kill Kill Kill the White man,” and “LAPD got their Karma.”

We noted that Occupiers attended the protest at LAPD Headquarters today.  But they were also involved in the organization of the protest held today in Los Angeles, as the details for the meet up were posted on their Facebook.

Occupy has sunken so far from attention that they have to attach themselves to an alleged killer to try to find relevance.