Video courtesy of NBC Los Angeles:

While some on the left have been championing Dorner, not a lot has been said of the victims that he allegedly killed.

For those on the left that talk of some greater mission of Dorner’s, let’s look at how he went about supposedly executing that mission. Yes, executing, because he allegedly killed four people who had nothing to with any conceivable LAPD corruption.

He allegedly killed Monica Quan because she was the daughter of his former counsel, and he wanted revenge for what he perceived as Randall Quan’s failing him.

Keith Lawrence was killed because he happened to be the fiancee of Monica. They had just become engaged. They were about to start their life together. Dorner took that away, for revenge.

Michael Crain, was shot and killed in an ambush before dawn Feb. 7 as he and an officer he was training stopped their marked patrol car at a traffic light at Magnolia and Arlington avenues in Riverside, police said. The other officer, who has not been identified, was injured. Their crime? Being police officers who unfortunately crossed the path of Dorner’s mad revenge. ┬áMichael ┬áhad two children that will grow up without a father and a wife that adored him.

Finally, Jeremiah McKay, who was shot at the cabin in the woods. He had a wife and 3 children, one of whom was just four months old.

Dorner took away all these people, not to satisfy some greater mission.
He did it out of revenge, and truthers in this case need to wake up and smell the coffee.