Do they not read the news in Iran? They passed a sharia-based constitution weeks ago.

TEHRAN (FNA) – A group of renowned Iranian elites and scholars in a letter to Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi stressed the Islamic community’s high capacity to save the world, and asked Mursi to implement Islamic governing system in his revolutionary state.

“There are great capacities in the Islamic world which can blossom salvage, expedience and prosperity in the world. Creating religious and sectarian strife in the Islamic world is a great plot hatched and provoked by the common enemies of Islam and Muslims,” said 17 Iranian elites and scholars in their letter to Mursi on the occasion of the second anniversary of the victory of the Egyptian revolution which ousted Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

They pointed to the invaluable experiences of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in state building based on the principles of Islamic Shariah (law) as well as Iran’s great achievements in different fields under the theocratic ruling system and massive public participation, and called on Mursi to manage his country based on Islamic laws.

“We call upon Your Excellency as a person who enjoys profound faith, wisdom and thought and is on the top of a country which has inherited great Islamic civilization, to set the dear Islam as the definite and practical basis and paradigm for the administration of your country,” added the Iranian elites and urged the Egyptian president not to give in to international pressures and the so-called intellectual streams who want a separation of the state and the church.