Good luck with that, 51% of those elected to Congress have taken cash from the NRA.

Washington (CNN) – is moving into the fight over curbing gun violence.

The progressive group will announce Friday that it’s going up with a TV commercial that goes after members of Congress who accept donations from the National Rifle Association.

The MoveOn spot, which the group says it will spend six figures to run for a week on national cable television, is part of their campaign titled, “The NRA doesn’t speak for me.”

In the ad, a man named Jerry Thompson, who describes himself as a gun owner and proud defender of the Second Amendment, says “for years I’ve watched Congress take money from the NRA and then oppose any kind of reform that helps keep us safe.”

Thompson goes on to say that he was disgusted by the NRA’s response to the December massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, where a well-armed gunman killed 20 young students and six adults.