Last time anyone checked Fox News is still the number one cable news channel by a wide margin.

Via Mediaite:

Remember Anita Dunn, the former White House Communications Director who famously went to war with Fox News back in 2009?

Wednesday afternoon, she was back in action, talking with HuffPost Live about why the decision to battle with the most-watched cable news network was a “simple” one because of Fox’s persistently negative coverage of President Obama, adding that she believes the network’s “alternative reality” is “crumbling.”

Readers may recall back in 2009 that Dunn generated controversy when she told TIME magazine that Fox is “opinion journalism masquerading as news.” The comment fueled an already-tense battle between the White House and the popular cable network, ultimately leading to a meeting between a Fox exec Michael Clemente and former White House Press Sec. Robert Gibbs.

Years after leaving her post as communications director, the feud still rages on — albeit in a less open fashion. Dunn told HuffPost Live host Alicia Menendez that the White House’s war with Fox News was “a simple decision, given the fact that Fox News had really been the not-so-loyal opposition since the President had taken office.” She reiterated her belief that Fox’s main strategy is to blur the lines between hard news and conservative opinion content.

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