One less exploding Muslim the Brits have to worry about.

(Telegraph)MI5 is seeking to identify a British Muslim who has appeared in an al-Qaeda suicide video, released on the internet, in the first such case since the July 7 bombings.

The video features a man identified only as “Musa the British” who is seen wearing an Afghan-style hat and reading a prayer book.

He is sitting crossed legged on the floor against white-washed walls, wearing glasses and holding a set of prayer beads.

The script at the top of the screen reads: “May Allah have mercy on him,” indicating that he has died, although there is nothing to show whether he was shot or launched a suicide attack.

The security services are now trying to identify him to confirm whether he is British and discover if he may have been accompanied by other British radicals in Pakistan.

One source told The Daily Telegraph the number of Britons in the tribal areas of Pakistan continues to be a concern because the al-Qaeda leadership based there is a “source of terrorist planning and when Brits are involved it would seem logical to assume that the focus of such planning could be the UK.”

The video first appeared in August last year but has been released in the last few days with English subtitles which identify one of the martyrs for the first time as “Musa the British.”

The video is accompanied by a nasheed [Islamic song] in urdu, suggesting it was made in Pakistan.

It opens with a clip of “Yusuf al-Kuwaiti” driving himself to a suicide bomb attack in Iraq, accompanied by an imperfect English translation that reads: “Right now I am feeling such a felicity in my heart that it can’t be understood by anyone except Allah. I make duaa [supplication] to Allah to grant me steadfastness until I meet him drenched in blood.”

A sequence of footage featuring Taliban fighters and news footage of Western troops is cut with the bodies of fighters being prepared for funeral.