Oopsy daisy.

KARACHI: A man carrying explosives accidentally blew himself up creating a one-feet deep hole in the ground within the limits of Shah Latif police station on Tuesday. No casualties were reported.

According to reports, the blast occurred in the bushes of a slum locality of Shah Latif Town near MDA flats where police rushed to scene after hearing the sound of the blast and found limbs of a man scattered some three feet away from the one-feet deep hole, where the bomb went off. Police added that the explosion partially damaged the walls of a house located nearby.

He said it seems that the man died in the blast was carrying an explosive device because the body of the deceased was completely smashed up and pieces of his limbs were scattered all over the surrounding area. Police suspected that the person died in the blast was either targeting the railway tracks, police station or Razaqabad police training centre. Following the blast, heavy contingents of law enforcers rushed to the spot, cordoned of the area and started investigation.