Not-so-bold prediction time. The recall efforts will be a total failure.

(The Hill) — In the latest salvo surrounding Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) controversial budget plan, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Wednesday endorsed recall efforts against several GOP state senators.

Democrats are targeting eight Republican senators who are eligible to be recalled this year in an effort to take control of the state senate and prevent Walker from passing his agenda. The GOP currently holds a 19-14 majority in the state’s upper chamber. Three of the eight would need to be recalled and replaced with a Democrat in a recall election in order to flip control of the state senate.

In Wisconsin, where Walker has proposed steep spending cuts and limiting state employee’s ability to collectively bargain, the debate has reached a fever pitch. Union demonstrators have protested in the state capital for weeks and state senate Democrats have fled the state in order to block action on Walker’s plans.

The AFL-CIO circulated the announcement to Washington reporters. The SEIU is also helping gather signatures; their appeal says that 15,000 are needed in each district to force a recall.