Via LAist:

Various local media outlets are reporting on a possible Christopher Dorner sighting in the Big Bear area about 10 to 15 miles from where his charred pickup truck was found.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has broadcast a general advisory stating that the fugitive triple murder suspect was possibly involved in a home-invasion robbery at 1274 Club View Road in Big Bear, according to City News Service. Two people were tied up in their home, and the suspect fled in their 2008 white Dodge pickup truck with a back hitch.

The truck is heading south on Highway 38 toward Cherry Valley. CBS LA reports that a Fish & Game ranger opened fired on the suspect’s vehicle. The Associated Press also says shots were fired. Road blocks are up in the area, and the police presence is tremendous. All vehicles are being stopped.

Shots are currently being fired in a wooded area. Dorner is thought to be heavily armed with at least 30 weapons, and a gun battle is in progress. CBS LA has an unconfirmed report that two officers are down.

Live audio from CBS covering the situation here

CBS is now confirming that two deputies have been shot.

Update: Dorner is now reportedly holed up in a cabin at Jenks Rd East, San Bernardino National Forest, Angelus Oaks, California.

Update:  TMZ is reporting that Dorner used smoke grenades to try to hold police off.

Update: Police have asked media to stop reporting over the location.

Update:  CBS LA is reporting that supporters of Dorner are showing up with signs in support of him.

Update: CNN now reporting that one sheriff’s deputy shot earlier has died, the other officer shot is in critical condition.

Update: Fox 11 reporter who knew officer who died said his wife  just had a baby. Cabin is now reportedly on fire. SWAT shot tear gas and are now trying to enter the cabin.

Update: Current live video here. Thick black smoke coming from cabin and ammunition reportedly going off.

Update: Cabin appears to have collapsed from the flames.

Update: AP source saying man thought to be Dorner never left the cabin.

Update: Body, believed to be Dorner, recovered in cabin.

Update: Reports that LAPD confirming  Dorner is dead.