Not-so-bold prediction time: Obama will claim taking away guns from law-abiding Americans is the only real way to stop the violence in Chicago.

Via Chicago Tribune:

President Barack Obama will visit Chicago on Friday to address the problem of gun violence as a part of a three-city tour after his State of the Union address, according to the White House.

Obama will “talk about the gun violence that has tragically affected too many families in communities across Chicago and across the country,” a White House official said in a statement.

The president’s visit answers Chicago anti-violence activists’ calls that Obama talk about the recent spate of gun violence in the city, several of the activists said. […]

The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. said the president’s remarks will play a different role than Michelle Obama’s attendance at Hadiya’s funeral. The first lady did not speak publicly about the events surrounding the teenager’s death.

“Her being there is very important, since it was her neighborhood,” Jackson said. “I think the president’s coming is important because she did not deal with the politics …She dealt with the calming concern for a broken hearted family,” he said.

Jackson made a public appeal earlier this month for the president to address gun violence in his adopted Chicago home.

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