Not-so-shockingly, accusations of working with the Jews were made.

BEIRUT: Two Lebanese guests on a political program scuffled late Friday over the crisis in Syria during a live broadcast on Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television station.

The heated debate between Salem Zahrani, who heads a Lebanese media center and is known for his supportive stances for President Bashar Assad, and Asaad Bshara, who opposes the government in Damascus, almost turned violent during the program that was dedicated to the crisis in Syria.

The argument between the two culminated with Zahrani flinging two glasses at his opponent, prompting the host to intervene before the show was taken off air. […]

“Al-Dunya is more respectable than you are!” Zahrani said, adding: “At least it [Al-Dunya] doesn’t receive funds from Israel, American and other embassies,” as Imad Mermel, the host of “Talk of the Hour” show, tried to end the argument.

“Keep up with this low level of dialogue,” Bshara responded, in a berated tone.

Zahrani then turned to accusing Bshara of collaborating with Israel and insulting the guest by calling him an “idiot.”

“Why don’t you keep your cooperation with Israel,” he said. Addressing the host of the show, Zahrani added: “I talk with international reports to back what I say while he [Bshara] sits there like an idiot not knowing how to speak.”

Bshara, who appeared agitated by the comments, in turn resorted to insulting his opponent.

“Eat s*-*!” Bshara said, prompting Zahrani to throw two glasses of water that were on the table at the Assad detractor.