We don’t need the military. After all, President Obama mentioned “peace in our time” during his inaugural. Kind of like Neville Chamberlin.  And he’s “our boss” and “dad”, so we should listen. He’s also responsible for sequestration.

Via WFB:

The United States Army is projecting that a series of severe defense cuts could cause 251,000 Army civilians to be furloughed, lead to an Army-wide hiring freeze, and significantly reduce funding for critical social service programs that provide care to troops and their families.

The nearly $500 billion in looming defense cuts, otherwise known as sequestration, has led the Army to project widespread shortfalls that will impact troop readiness and defer post-combat equipment repairs for up to four years, according to detailed estimates issued by the Army and obtained by the Free Beacon.

Sequestration is set to kick in on March 1 if Congress fails to enact a preventative deal, which sources on Capitol Hill suggest is increasingly likely.

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