Via Life News:

Saint Louis University is the subject of controversy today after it allowed a pro-abortion speaker on campus last night. MSNBC TV host Touré Neblett spoke last night in the Carlo Auditorium of Tegeler Hall on “How Racism Functions Today and Ways to Deal with it to Get Success.”

“Without question, one of Saint Louis University’s greatest strengths is our diversity,” said University President Lawrence Biondi, S.J. “Here at SLU, people of diverse beliefs, diverse backgrounds and diverse faiths come together to learn, to live and to lead.”

But pro-life advocates are alarmed because, on January 25, Toure’ gave a commentary on the MSNBC program The Cycle about how he and his girlfriend had an abortion, saying that the “choice saved my life.” He added that he thanked God for abortion.

“I cannot imagine arguing against a woman’s right to control her own body, and thus her life,” said Neblett.

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However, he was apparently not brave enough to take questions relating to abortion: