Via LifeNews:

Have you ever—even once—been approached in the waiting room of a healthcare clinic by staff asking you to sign petitions, “training” you on legislative issues, “helping you” register to vote, and discussing with you how to stay informed and get involved in advocacy on the local level?

Do you expect a quick course in “reproductive healthcare issues” activism as you sit in the lobby waiting for a pap smear, pregnancy test, or perhaps a flu shot or sports exam? Can you picture a woman waiting for an abortion receiving a crash course in “reproductive rights,” being asked to sign petitions, and provide data that will be faxed to a community organizer at the end of the day?

Ads from Planned Parenthood centers across Illinois and Indiana show Planned Parenthood recruiting volunteers to do just that—pushing the envelope by recruiting and training patients who are waiting for “healthcare” in the waiting room—to be activists in support of Planned Parenthood’s political agenda.

Planned Parenthood flexed its political muscles in the last presidential election, taking credit for the re-election of President Barack Obama. It receives so much government funding—$1.5 million per day, each and every day—that many who monitor its actions think of it as at least a pseudo-government agency. Planned Parenthood took credit for electing a plethora of Democratic candidates and defeating Republican candidates, and spent millions of dollars in so doing. In fact, Planned Parenthood Action Fund spent $5.3 million opposing Republican candidates and $1.5 million in support of Democratic candidates. It spent $0 in supporting Republican candidates and $0 in defeating Democratic candidates.

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