It’s easy (and mostly fruitless) to talk making a  lot of new gun laws. It’s harder to deal with the actual issues of mental illness.  There are thousands of people like the family of Eddie Routh trying to help their mentally ill family member, looking for help and not being heard.

(NEWSER) – Despite family opposition, Eddie Ray Routh was released from the hospital two days before the shootings of American Sniper author Chris Kyle and friend Chad Littlefield, a lawyer for Routh says. Routh’s court-appointed legal team wants a psychiatric exam for the suspect to see if he’s capable of standing trial, the AP reports. “There are just so many mental health issues associated with this case,” says one of the lawyers.

Routh is on medication but wouldn’t take it yesterday, a sheriff says. “His mood apparently changes quite a bit.” Routh’s sister told officials he’d confessed to the killings; he reportedly said he was “going to get their souls before they took his,” a search warrant affidavit says. Routh became a Marine in 2006 and a corporal in 2010. He’s currently being held on $3 million bond.