Via Politico 44:

President Obama’s former campaign organization is sending out a heart-rending appeal asking for undocumented immigrants to share their stories publicly in an effort to galvanize support for immigration reform.

The appeal from Organizing For Action is signed by an undocumented immigrant who says his parents brought him to the United States at the age of 2 and he went to high school, college and graduated from law school and was a recipient of deferred action.

“I consider myself an American, and I want to play by the same rules as everyone else,” Jose Magana writes in the email sent out to the OFA mailing list. “But, as it stands, I can never become a citizen. I can’t adjust my status. For most of my life, I could have been arrested, detained, and deported.

“I’m not alone. Millions of undocumented immigrants like me live in fear of being deported permanently to a country we may have never even visited. Our entire lives could be erased.”

The appeal asks recipients to share similar stories and includes an OFA link.

“Organizing for Action will use these stories to move the conversation forward,” it says.