That “little” houseboat is more like a massive 100 foot yacht.

Via LA Times:

LAT: He says you’re hypocritical for making a lot of money and living well while telling people they need to change their lifestyles for the sake of the planet.

GORE: I’m proud to have had a successful business career in several fields. I make no apology for that. But I walk the walk. I have solar panels all over my house; I even have a solar-paneled little houseboat for recreation. I have geothermal wells underneath my driveway and an electric car. I do understand the challenges of making this transition to a decarbonized world, and renewable energy is a difficult one, but I am doing my part.

So your carbon footprint will stand up to anybody’s in the First World?

Some people depreciate the significance of carbon offsets, but when you investigate them thoroughly, I think they are valid, and I minimize my carbon footprint and then completely offset what cannot be eliminated.

HT: Climate Depot