Via Denver Post:

Colorado Democrats on Tuesday announced a far-reaching package of gun bills that includes a measure to hold manufacturers and sellers of assault-style weapons legally liable for damage inflicted with such firearms.

Republicans called the liability proposal a de facto ban on semiautomatic rifles and “extreme,” a term also used by one Democrat. And a Second Amendment scholar said such a bill would conflict with federal law. […]

Aside from the call for liability for makers and sellers of assault-style weapons, Democrats called for:

• Limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds;

• Stricter notification requirements so that mental health professionals can identify mentally ill people who pose a risk and then notify officials to put them into the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s gun background check database;

• Strengthening laws to prevent those with domestic violence convictions or protection orders against them from buying firearms;

• Imposing fees for gun background checks, which now are conducted for free;

• Requiring in-person training for concealed-weapons permits, which now can be obtained through online courses;

• Requiring universal background checks on all gun sales, something Democrats say can be done without gun registration;

• Banning concealed weapons on college campuses.

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