Obama’s been ignoring laws about budgets from day one, what makes them think that’s going to change?

Via The Hill:

The Republican-led House passed legislation Wednesday that would force President Obama to estimate when the federal budget will balance again — and outline the steps he proposes to eliminate the budget deficit.

The Require a PLAN Act is part of a new Republican attempt to force Obama and the Democratic Senate to engage in efforts to cut the deficit. Republicans have roundly criticized Obama for submitting late budgets that don’t balance, and the Senate for failing to produce any budget plan at all in nearly four years.

As expected, the House approved the bill in a mostly party-line 253-167 vote, although 26 Democrats went against their leaders and supported the legislation.

In January, the House passed a bill putting pressure on the Senate to finally pass a budget plan, under the threat of withholding Senate salaries. Republicans credit the No Budget, No Pay Act with getting the Senate to commit to a budget this year, and Wednesday’s bill is an attempt to prod the White House.

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