Via Weekly Standard:

At the Presidential Palace in Paris, France this afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden complimented the French president, Francois Hollande, for sounding exactly like President Barack Obama on “climate change.” The only difference, according to Biden? Hollande speaks French, and Obama speaks English.

“I was impressed in the discussion we had relative to climate change — and I mean this sincerely, Mr. President — I could have been sitting in a private meeting with President Obama,” Biden said of the French president. “He would have not said it in French, he’d say it in English, but you said the same thing. The President pointed out that there is an obligation here that extends way beyond these administrations. There is a need — there is a need to set out a vision for the young people in both our countries that we understand — we understand. It’s a rallying cry that can be a call for a united effort and support in both our countries to deal with global warming.”

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