Relevant part of the video on Bengahzi is from the beginning to 5:44.

Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey will be testifying on Benghazi on Thursday. In this interview, Candy Crowley questions them asking why there was no response.

Panetta, beggaring belief, blames a failure of intelligence, states they had no warning that such an attack would occur.

Excuse me, Mr. Secretary, you had an Ambassador begging for security. Security he did have was removed in August. There were multiple attacks/threats in the area. The British felt so insecure in the area, they left, citing safety concerns. There were two prior attacks on the American compound itself, one which was by former security, indicating the possibility of compromised security guards.  The second attack was claimed by al-Qaeda.  They blew a hole in the perimeter wall big enough for 40 men to walk through by some estimates, again agitating for the release of the blind Sheik.  See here more info about the prior attacks and video of the actual second attack, Mr. Panetta.

There was only a poorly trained rental force at the compound, no marines, nothing despite the attacks, despite the pleas of Ambassador Stevens.

At what point does that not raise a flag for you, sir?

Panetta and Dempsey go on to say distance prevented a proper response, mentioning Djibouti, but basically glossing over the closer base in Sigonella, Italy. Panetta also blames Libya, the host country, for not having proper security,

General Dempsey claims it wasn’t a seven hour battle, that it was “two twenty minute battles”.  Didn’t the first “twenty-minute” battle give you a warning there was a problem to be able to avoid the second, the one that resulted in the deaths of Ty Woods and Glen Doherty?

Crowley asks them in hindsight was there anything they think they should have done different militarily? Their response? No, nothing.

By the way, a question that Crowley did not ask. Mr. Panetta, why were Ty Woods and the others told to “stand down”, to not respond to the initial attack that they heard?

HT: WFB for video