I doubt Jay even believes what he’s saying.

Via The Hill:

White House press secretary Jay Carney said that former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) “did fine” in his confirmation hearing Thursday and accused Republicans of “badgering” the Secretary of Defense nominee.

“I think Sen. Hagel answered questions appropriately and did fine,” Carney said, adding that the perceived stumbles being highlighted in the hearing “largely represent badgering by the questioners.”

Carney also said that he would be “stunned” if Republican senators moved to filibuster Hagel, noting he was a former colleague and Vietnam War veteran.

“We expect the Senate to confirm Sen. Hagel to the position of Secretary of Defense,” Carney said.

Hagel’s performance through his eight-hour confirmation hearing Thursday was widely interpreted as shaky, as the former senator stumbled over questions on the legitimacy of Iran’s government and his position on the surge in Iraq. Hagel repeatedly was asked and apologized for prior statements on Israel, the “Jewish lobby,” and a gay ambassador nominee.