Via Beltway Confidential:

The National Labor Relations Board sided with the United Food and Commercial Workers union and against Wal-Mart today in a case in which the retailer claimed the union was illegally picketing them. The board simply accepted at face value the union’s claim that it was not trying to organize the retail giant’s workforce and its promise not to do it again … for 60 days at least.

Federal law says a union cannot picket a worksite for more than 30 days without officially filing to try to organize its workforce. The UFCW, whose members primarily work for Wal-Mart’s rivals, has managed a long-running PR campaign to attack the nonunion retail giant. Most recently it attempted to engineer a mass employee walkout at Walmarts on the day after Thanksgiving. The effort fizzled.

On Nov. 20, Walmart maintained that two activist groups promoting the walkout effort, Making Change for Wal-Mart and OUR Walmart, were actually front groups for UFCW and ordered that they cease their activities. The groups were promoting themselves as independent grassroots organizations in an attempt to obscure the UFCW’s role in the protests.

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