Hamas has responded by blaming the report on evil Christians.

Via Times of Israel:

Amid rumors of Hamas involvement in support of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi, a Gaza newspaper has accused a Coptic Egyptian organization of fabricating the reports in order to incite against the Islamic leaders of the Gaza Strip.

Earlier this week, Egyptian media reported that 7,000 Hamas operatives had infiltrated the country through tunnels from Gaza to support Morsi’s ruling Freedom and Justice party, which is currently facing a massive popular uprising in the Suez region.

Hamas officials were quick to deny the Egyptian accusation.

Moussa Abu-Marzouq, deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau, wrote on his Facebook page that he was sorry that his organization and the Palestinians were being used as a tool in a domestic Egyptian conflict.

Hamas, Abu-Marzouq added, “stands at an equal distance from all political parties in Egypt.”

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum issued a statement calling the Egyptian reports “lies,” which he said aimed at “driving a wedge between Egypt and Palestine and ruining the reputation of Hamas and its fighting brigades.”