It’s only racist if white people say it.

REV AL SHARPTON (28 January 2013): We’re serious about this, a black agenda that we are raising from the civil rights leadership and this is convened by Mark Morial of the National Urban League and Ben Jealous of the NAACP and Melanie Campbell of National Civic Participation and myself from National Action Network and we’ve convened 61 groups. Now, there are gonna be other with agenda’s and that’s fine, but we wanted to come with a concrete agenda to say to the President say to the Congress these are the areas from jobs across the board that we want to see dealt with and HOW we want to see it dealt with. In the first term of this Administration we met on jobs and worked toward the Jobs Bill passage. We dealt with Education we dealt with the question of voter rights, but now we want to deal with it as a collective way. We think a lot was done on the first term and a lot was done that directly dealt with some of the issues in our community. Now we want to deal with it collectively.