With one big difference, apartheid was real, global warming, not so much.

A Powerful Way to Galvanize Protest Over Climate Change  — NY Times

Well-intentioned critics of fossil fuel divestment have called for students to lobby their senators and representatives as a more direct path to federal action on climate change. These critics underestimate the fossil fuel industry’s stranglehold over our political system, and their suggested path would only repeat past failures of the climate movement. They also ignore the networks of institutions, influence and capital that can be moved to support an end to extraction and fight climate change. […]

As in the case of the antiapartheid struggle, the path from divestment to the end of the status quo is not a straight one. But as that movement showed, leveraging universities to create a consensus among the investment world and the public at large can bring the fight to the steps of Congress. After decades of government complicity with fossil fuel’s destruction of communities and the environment, we now face a strikingly similar task.