Obama being Obama can’t help himself, today he took explicit credit for the Senate’s bipartisan amnesty agreement.

Washington (CNN) – Some senior Democratic members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus used a private White House meeting Friday to urge President Obama not to unveil his own immigration legislation, for fear of blowing up delicate bipartisan talks, Democratic sources tell CNN.

This is significant for several reasons.

First, because the White House has been telling senators and advocates that they are writing their own immigration bill, in legislative language. It is incredibly rare for the White House to write its own bill.

Second – Democrats urging the president not to release a bill illustrates how polarizing the immigration issue remains – especially for Republicans who fear that signing onto any legislation that could be seen as authored by the president could invite primary challenges for Republicans.

“It’s a tricky thing. We want him to lead, but Republicans are in a difficult position,” said a Democratic source familiar with Friday’s meeting.