Copies of the Koran still not a problem.

(WVVA) — The Giles County School Board voted Tuesday to removed framed copies of the Ten Commandments from its schools — for the second time in as many months. Now some students are speaking out against the decision.

Some students have posted the Ten Commandments on their lockers. One group from Narrows and Giles have ordered t-shirts to express their opinions on the issue.

The commandments were first removed in December, 2010 after a complaint.

WVVA was at the school board meeting on Jan. 20 when the board elected to reverse its decision.

A group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wisc., says it had threatened to sue the Giles County School Board on behalf of residents who wanted the Commandments removed after they were reposted.

A lawyer from the group released the following statement to WVVA:

“Along with the ACLU of Virginia, we are monitoring the situation to ensure that the school board does not attempt to skirt the law and put the Ten Commandments back into Giles County Schools. Any such attempts to violate the Constitution and Supreme Court precedent would constitute a losing legal battle for the school board.”