“Hail Hillary, full of …” Grace is not the first thing that comes to mind.

Via Newsbusters, discussing Hillary’s testimony on Benghazi:

JON SCOTT, HOST: So has the media put it to bed? Is it all over and done with now?

CAL THOMAS: Well, probably so. But look, what they’re going to do with Hillary Clinton is the same thing they did for Barack Obama. They’re going to part the waters like Moses did the Red Sea to give her a clear path to be the first woman president. We’ve had the first African-American president, now the first woman president. They treated him as a Messiah, they’re going to treat her as the Virgin Mary.

SCOTT: And do you think, Jim, that the media are sort of helping set up a potential 2016 Hillary Clinton run?

JIM PINKERTON: That’s been accused. Some have said so.