And yet France is the rebels biggest supporter in the west.


This Message is addressed to the French Republic and its people from the Mujahideen of Syria, following the French government’s decision to attack our noble brothers, who instated the shari’a, who fought polytheism, who spread monotheism in northern Mali – the law of Allah, the shari’a, the only legislation to which a Muslim may submit.

The most fundamental right of a Muslim is to live according to his religion, and his duty is to strive to instate it on the lands of Islam.

A Mujahid fights so that the word of Allah may reign supreme.

The simple reason that drives France and its allies to attack and kill those who establish the shari’a in Muslim countries is that they want to maintain the subservient regimes that agreed to be their vassals, to serve their interests in Muslim countries, and to oppress them with their tyranny.

As a result of the decision of the French government, which is not satisfied with preventing our virtuous sisters from donning the veil in accordance with Allah’s decree, and with constantly fighting Islam and the Muslims…

Today, in addition to its presence alongside the Crusaders in Afghanistan, France has become the banner of heresy and of the enemies of Allah, by attacking Islamic Mali.

As a bitter consequence, we urge and encourage Muslims worldwide, as well as those living in France, to perform their religious duty like a Trojan horse – to hit French interests, their institutions, their military, and their civilians, on the national territory (of France), as well as abroad.

The aim is to terrorize them, so that the French people will have to blame their Satanic leaders for their decision, leading to the loss of the security and tranquility they once enjoyed.

They will not enjoy them anymore as long as France continues to act as an enemy of Islam and the Muslims.

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